Not Everyone Gets a Trophy with Bruce Tulgan

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While one should never generalize an entire generation, there are common qualities found in employees born during certain periods, simply due to events and culture. A common problem facing many employers today is employees who believe that they deserve rewards despite their lack of performance and experience. This sentiment of entitlement throws a wrench in age-old and time-tested management techniques.

This training video focuses on the causes and solutions to this common problem, concentrating on training methods that squelch entitlement at its roots, thus turning high-maintenance employees into productive members of a team. Hosted by Bruce Tulgan, this insightful and humorous production utilizes decades of research to help managers lead younger generations in today’s ever-changing business world.

Key Points

  • Strong, engaging management
  • Explaining structure and boundaries
  • Negotiating rewards systems
  • Spelling out rewards programs and expectations
  • Working with strengths to overcome weaknesses 
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