Moment of Truth

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
USB Flash Drive: $945.00
Total Cost: $945.00
Video Length
22 minutes
Closed Captioning
Support Materials
Leader's Guide & Customizable PowerPoint Presentation on DVD-ROM
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Our choices today influence who we end up becoming in the future. Quite often when we are confronted with ethical situations a good choice needs to be made immediately.  Employees need a practical method to make decisions quickly and correctly.  Not all ethical decisions are cut and dry.  Like most things in life, there are shades of gray.

Moment of Truth is an ethics training video designed to give your employees that practical advice when they need it most…in the heat of the moment.  The program profiles 6 ethical dilemmas and uses four simple questions to solve them.

  • Is it true?
  • How fair is it to everyone?
  • Will it harm anyone?
  • Will it make me proud?

Ethical choices can come from anywhere and anybody and often they come out of the clear blue sky.  Make sure that your employees are ready to make decisions that will impact your organization positively.

Training Points:

  • Be completely clear on what you are deciding.
  • Find answers to the 4 questions.
  • When the decision is unsure, talk to someone you trust
  • Painless Performance Improvement
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