Meetings, Bloody Meetings

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings is the best-selling Meetings Video in History


Some people view meetings as a complete waste of time. Consider your last few meetings. How much time was actually spent doing something productive? Meetings that lack any kind of direction or focus are a frequent occurrence. This training video explains how to take the drudgery out of focus-less meetings to improve the way you spend face time with coworkers and colleagues.


In Meetings, Bloody Meetings, we see John Cleese as he plays an inefficient meeting moderator. This award-winning presentation is made specifically for those who are responsible for leading and moderating meetings. We watch as Cleese’s character is put on the hot seat in a court room dream. The charges: negligent conduct of meetings. 


After reviewing his last few meetings, the dream court finds him guilty on all counts including failure to prepare for meetings, failure to inform meeting participants, failure to establish an agenda, failure to control the meeting discussion and failure to record decisions made at the meeting.


The program goes on to explain how to properly handle meetings to get productive and effective results.  We watch through humorous scenes how John Cleese reveals the essentials behind making every meeting session work. 


In Meetings, Bloody Meetings, the audience will learn:


  • To plan meetings in advance

  • To prepare a thorough agenda

  • To notify attendees beforehand

  • How to control discussions

  • How to summarize and record decisions

Please note: Due to contractual limitations, Meetings, Bloody Meetings can only be shipped to customers located in the United States.

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