Manager Moments: How To Excel in Tricky Situations

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Managers deal with tricky employee situations every day and it adds a lot of work to a manager's already full plate. This program is designed to give managers quick, effective advise on how to handle difficult situations they encounter with their workforce. These bite-sized programs are designed to quick, concise advise so that managers can get back to work immediately. No long, boring training sessions, just practical advise immediately!

This DVD contains 5 programs:

How to Curb Employee Gossip 7:05 minutes

Stop gossip in its tracks with this management training course designed specifically to give managers quick, practical advise on stopping this corrosive employee issue.

How to Deal with Difficult Peers 7:40 minutes

At work, managers don't have luxury of avoiding difficult people. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get along perfectly with all co-workers. Organizations employee people from many different backgrounds and with many different personalities. Chances work with someone who drives you crazy. This program will give you quick, sage advice on how to work with challenging personalities.

How to Manage Upward 6:45 minutes

Sometimes your boss is the biggest impediment to doing your job successfully.  This program offers clear, concise advise on how to manage upward and help your boss manage you more effectively.

How to Manage Time Thieves 7:20 minutes

Managing time effectively might be the single most important skill to realizing success in our jobs.  This programs outlines the best way to vanquish time thieves - those things that steal the time we need to be effective managers and employees.

How and When to Delegate 6:15 minutes

It's really easy to fall into the trap of just doing it ourselves.  How many of us have just tackled the problem ourselves because it seemed easier than explaining how to do it to a subordinate employee.  This program teaches managers how to effectively delegate and thereby become much more effective a their jobs.

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