Looking Forward: Your Performance Appraisal

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An employee who is prepared for a performance appraisal is more likely to contribute to an effective meeting and positive outcome. Although mangers are often educated on how to carry out an appraisal, other employees are usually overlooked. However, all employees play an important role in the performance appraisal. 

How well the feedback and expectations are received is determined as much by the employees as it is by the manager. When an employee feels empowered and prepared, he or she is more likely to approach the meeting without fear and leave feeling motivated and enthused. Ensuring both the supervisor and the employee are feeling confident and at ease is the best way to achieve a productive and successful meeting.

Video Synopsis:  In this video lesson, recently-hired James is excited for his upcoming performance appraisal, while Doris, a longer-term employee, has been unhappy with the process for years. When both employees have the opportunity to learn how to participate more fully in the process, they understand how their participation can affect the appraisal’s outcome.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Sharing feedback with your manager
  • Separating the person and the behavior
  • Setting SMART goals together
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