Light The Fire: Leveraging Appraisals for Maximum Performance

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24 minutes
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A successful company is one that knows how to appraise and manage employee performance. Every leader in your organization should be prepared to do this effectively and accurately.  Our Light the Fire video course shows the viewer how to create objectives and set goals that are in line with the company’s needs.  The methods provided will help the viewer build motivation among others, facilitate movement through performance levels and improve overall communication. 

The most effective leaders provide those they manage with constructive feedback, mentoring, recognition and coaching. This video will help you hone your skills with all of the above by learning:

  • How to craft realistic goals that are well-aligned with the team and company
  • How to consider job responsibilities and how they are related to goals and objectives
  • The many benefits of mentoring and coaching and how they apply to success
  • How to identify the skills an individual needs to reach goals and objectives 
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