Leadership Challenge (Revised Edition)

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Effective leadership is attainable. This is a compelling documentary film based on the best-selling book by James M. Kouzes, President, Tom Peters Group (TPG) Learning Systems, and Barry Z. Posner, director of graduate  programs in Business and Administration, Santa Clara University. Their findings, based on over six years of in-depth research, bring a newfound clarity to the somewhat elusive subject of leadership.

Kouzes and Posner reveal that leadership is not the private preserve of a few charismatic men and women, but a learnable set of practices virtually anyone can master. Leadership is not restricted by age, title or status, but rather is a process all managers can employ to elicit the best from themselves and others.

In documenting four real-life leaders drawn from both the industrial and non-profit sectors, this film makes dramatically visible the findings of Kouzes and Posner. Illustrated are main practices common to successful leaders: challenging the process, enabling others to act, modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision and encouraging the heart.

Participants will learn that leadership is not restricted to an elite group and will witness the five techniques used by all successful leaders. The importance of challenging the system, rather than simply maintaining the status quo, and enhancing one's capacity to envision the future are included.

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