Jury Friendly Termination

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No matter how carefully you screen candidates, employee terminations are inevitable. Although uncomfortable, if done properly, they can be a near trouble free experience. Often however, because of a lack of legal knowledge, terminations will result in costly litigation for the corporation. And even if you are very careful, a lawsuit may still occur. In cases of litigation, is your staff well prepared? Have they kept accurate employee records? Are these records and documents ready to be scrutinized by a judge and/or team of jurors?

Help to prepare your human resources team and management staff for a jury friendly termination. This video will take participants through the entire termination process teaching them what to do as well as what not to do.

Upon reviewing this video, your staff will be inspired and will know how to:

  • Emphasize the needs of the corporation when terminating an employee while also helping the employee keep their dignity and self-respect.
  • Investigate potential problems while also assessing possible terminations.
  • Keep records and maintain evidence with a jury and litigation in mind.
  • Issue proper warnings and “last chance” agreements that legally protect the company.
  • Understand the importance of putting everything in writing.
  • Create a “corrective action” file that contains all pertinent information.

A must-have for all businesses, this video will help save both time and money . It provides clear instructions on how to legally terminate an employee ensuring that both the rights of the organization and employee are both protected. 

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