John Cleese

John Cleese is the founder of Video Arts, the British-based training DVD company that has inspired, amused and educated the training and development world for the last 30 years. John starred in most of the productions and brought humor into the dry world of corporate training. John is responsible for some of the best-selling training videos of all time - Meetings, Bloody Meetings, The Dreaded Appraisal and An Inside Job to name just a few. John Cleese training videos are known around the world for their high quality and educational benefit. [ continue reading ]

In the entertainment world, John is best know for his roles in the Monte Python Comedy Troupe, the British classic TV show - Fawlty Towers, and many Hollywood productions such as A Fish Called Wanda and most recently the Harry Potter series.

Cleese currently lives in Santa Barbara California and maintains a "Professor at Large" appointment at Cornell University.

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