It's Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment

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Watch the video portion of this course.
Watch the video portion of this course.
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Recent legal changes have catapulted sexual harassment issues to the forefront of business training, and the It’s Up to You series tackles this complex issue head on. This sexual harassment video set focuses on personal responsibility, tailoring approaches to managers and employees. Relevant across industries, including healthcare, offices, retail, hospitality, education, and manufacturing, the tools and techniques advocated here are user friendly, easy to understand, and encourage employees and managers to take a hard stance on sexual harassment in the workplace.

The employee version is a short yet all-inclusive 23-minute video that utilizes 14 different real-life scenarios to define sexual harassment and pinpoint specific actions that both discourage inappropriate behavior and empower employees to deal with existing issues. The 27-minute managers’ version provides a comprehensive definition of sexual harassment in all of its forms, from inappropriate touching to the misuse of office computers. It provides effective ways to train employees as well as offers a comprehensive guide on handling and documenting sexual harassment.

Key Points

  • Overview of the key definitions of sexual harassment
  • Thorough explanations of the effects inappropriate behavior have on the workplace, productivity, and overall company morale
  • Tips for recognizing and discouraging inappropriate behavior in the workplace
  • Professional responses to conflict for managers and employees
  • Ideas for preventing and responding to unwanted behavior
  • Techniques for fostering an environment that encourages reporting issues professionally
  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
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