Internet Safety Series - Stopping Online Predators

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Every year 8 million children are reported missing in the United States, and Internet predators are responsible for many of these disappearances. Since 2002, 80 million child pornography photographs have been found on the Internet and removed by law enforcement, and would-be predators are constantly finding new ways to escape the eye of law enforcement and target new victims.

In such a dangerous world, parents need to know the facts about online predators and how to protect their children from harm. Made with the help of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Polly Klaas Foundation, The Internet Predator Series helps to arm parents with the information that they need to fight predators for the sake of their kids and teaches teens how to avoid becoming targeted by predators.

In the first part of the series, Online Predators: Invading My Space, members of the FBI's Cyber Crime Unit provide information on:

  • Why online predators are a serious threat
  • How any teen can become an unsuspecting victim if they don't know how to stay safe
  • What the term "Grooming Process" means and how predators use it
  • Tips to avoid becoming victimized and on what to do if they believe a predator has contacted them

The second part of the series A Parent's Guide to Fighting Online Predators - What Every Parent Should Do is aimed toward adults and explains

  • Methods of keeping children out of the reach of predators
  • How to monitor teens online
  • Ways to partner with teens to make staying safe online a team effort

Perfect for schools, churches, community groups and nonprofits, this training can literally save the lives of kids who are vulnerable to online predators.

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  • Online Predators A Parents Guide to Fighting Online Predators
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