International Negotiation

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Culture and customs can greatly influence the negotiation process. And, in some instances, a lack of cultural knowledge can result in offenses that may anger or even end a potentially good business deal. Improve your success rate and close more deals by properly educating your sales and management team.

Further provide them with the knowledge they will need to prosper in international business. Teach them basic principles of selling and negotiating in the global market. In this DVD, we’ve compiled a wealth of information to aid your team’s success. This includes information about:

  • Strategizing and international business deals.
  • Building a strong negotiating team.
  • Socializing customs and other cultures.
  • Preparing for the negotiation meeting.
  • Introductions and opening meetings.
  • Timeframes and expectations for international deals.
  • Knowing when to compromise in a deal.
  • How to close and solidify a deal.

Add this video to your curriculum for sales or management trainings. It is also ideal for law firms and non-profits that may have an international presence. Along with the 45 minute DVD, you’ll receive supplemental materials including exercises and discussion questions.

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