Insider Trading: It's Not Worth the Risk!

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This short, engaging video on illegal Insider Trading prevention delivers a powerful message on this common but often misunderstood crime.


The insider trading course covers:


  • When insider trading is illegal.
  • When insider trading is legal.
  • Why prevention of insider trading is important.
  • Who can be charged with illegal insider trading?
  • Legal consequences for violations.
  • Examples of insider trading violations.
  • Every employee's fiduciary responsibility to investors to protect private, non-public information.


Illegal insider trading can destroy an organization's reputation and end an employee's career.  Often, employees simply don't understand the law and get themselves into trouble out of ignorance.  Additionally, there are always going to be some employees who think they can deceive the SEC.  This video will educate employees and warn them about the consequences of illegal insider trading.  The SEC has seen every scheme under the sun, and they have advanced computer diagnostics which can detect even the smallest anomaly.  Your staff will finish this course knowing what they can and cannot do and also that there is no plausible way not to get caught and spend considerable time in federal prison.


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