Improve Performance Through Empowerment

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Managers often control the manner in which things progress in a project or task in an effort to minimize employee mistakes, thinking it will make things go more smoothly. However, what happens is the employees end up feeling like automatons, and there is no incentive to take charge or to innovate. In the long run, it saps initiative and stifles innovation.

Companies will generate better results when its employees are empowered to take ownership of their tasks and projects, and to make more decisions. This way they are encouraged to find the best way to accomplish something rather than simply “doing what the boss says.” 

“Improving Performance Through Empowerment” trains your managers to empower your employees so that the work environment becomes more creative, productive, and effective. Here, your management will discover the advantages that come from delegating responsibility, encouraging exploration and providing employees new opportunities to learn. It moves the to provide the guidance necessary to inspire long-term growth and overall performance improvement. 

Instead of simply focusing on the bottom line, this is an opportunity for management to grow the “human assets” of the company by assigning the employees tasks and projects which stretch their abilities and helps them to confront and overcome their own weaknesses.  This can change the complete outlook of both manager and employees to feel more like co-creators, and managers to see themselves and be seen as mentors and advocates rather than as overworked dictators.

Key Training Points:

  • Give employees ownership in tasks and projects, responsibilities and decision making
  • Allowing employees to make and learn from their own mistakes
  • Avoiding "cosmetic empowerment."
  • Encouraging employees to have direct contact with both internal and external customers.
  • Giving employees the opportunity to grow
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