Ideas into Action

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10 minutes
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Ideas Into Action looks at the barriers to fresh, profit-related creative thinking and suggests some simple but powerful ways to overcome them. This program shows how stimulating constant creativity and innovation is key to coming up with viable ideas for products, services, processes, and procedures that your customers really want.

The program addresses a number of key issues:


  • The difference between a 'dinosaur' and 'dolphin' outlook
  • Why we tend to restrict thinking to self-imposed limits, and how to think your way beyond them
  • How to improve your problem-solving skills by challenging your own assumptions
  • How to avoid idea assassination
  • How to assess ideas and solutions in a positive, creative way
  • How to take the initiative and translate ideas into action


Features and applications


  • Everyone needs to challenge the way they think, and will therefore benefit from this video
  • Visually stimulating and highly entertaining resource
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