How Am I Doing?

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This updated version of the original How Am I Doing doesn’t feature John Cleese, but it does feature entertaining scenes with enormous educational potential. 

Employee reviews provide managers with a rare opportunity to identify specific problems, growth opportunities and performance concerns while encouraging motivation. Mishandling a review can have a negative effect on the individual and the workplace as a whole. 

Multiple characters are featured, each showing inept behaviors during appraisal interviews/reviews. Here the viewer learns how not to conduct a one on one session about an employee’s progress or status. 

First we have Ethelred the Unready who is never prepared or on schedule. Then we see Ivan the Terrible who prefers to rant loudly instead of hold a respectful conversation. And William the Silent is too afraid to offer up criticism so he skips productivity improving feedback to protect the feelings of the employee.  Each scenario also includes a learning experience to show the viewer how these misguided individuals learn the right way to conduct a review.

When viewing How Am I Doing?, the audience will:

  • Explore case history
  • Listen to evidence and make decisions on what to do
  • Find out why it’s important to face problems and how to do it
  • Learn how to agree on a plan of action

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