Hire For Attitude

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Why focus on attitude? Quite simply, skills can be taught. Attitude cannot.

You've probably had the experience of hiring someone who you thought was perfect for the job-only to find out later that the person could not work within the organization. With fewer people doing more work these days, organizations cannot afford costly hiring mistakes and the resulting turnover. Finding the right person with the right attitude and mind-set is a top priority.

In this video, a newly promoted manager needs to quickly hire a replacement for himself. Fortunately he gets some valuable advice from a fellow employee who guides him through the entire hiring process, from planning through interviewing and evaluation.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine what attitudes lead to success in a job or organization.
  • Design questions to reveal those attitudes.
  • Conduct effective interviews.
  • Evaluate candidates placing a priority on attitude.

Ideal Training For:

  • Team Leaders & Team Members.
  • Managers & Supervisors.
  • Human Resources Personnel.

    Key Training Points:

  • Plan Interview for Attitude.
  • Survey top performers for their attitude.
  • Identify key attitudes for success.
  • Prepare interview questions.
  • Determine interview format.
  • Establish a scoring system.
  • Review fair employment practices.
  • Utilize Recruitment Resources.
  • Review skills and experience:
  • Ask same prepared questions.
  • Request specific answers.
  • Allow time for thinking.
  • Keep the interview on track.
  • Evaluate For Attitude:
  • Use an objective scoring system.
  • Consider attitude as well as skills.


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