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Harassment can be a destructive force in any public or private business, and no less in industry. This video training program is designed specifically for industrial workforces, using scenarios straight from the industrial floor, enlightening employees on the realities and dangers of harassment, and their own responsibilities within the framework of the workplace.

Harassment is not simply of a sexual nature anymore. Employees are protected by law from bullying, inappropriate comments, jokes regarding sexual orientation, stereotyping or any kind of harassment based on race, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and other protected characteristics, and it is the job of every employee, not only to refrain from engaging in any of these activities, but also to report any such activity to which you are a witness or of which you are a victim.

It is the job of management and supervisory personnel to ensure a safe work environment, not only physically safe, but also to maintain a non-hostile environment in the workplace. Harassment of any kind is viewed as hostility which, besides legal liability for the company, the managers, and the perpetrators, also can cause grave mental and emotional stress for the victim. All of this erodes morale, and eventually reduces productivity.

This harassment training program will raise your management and supervisory staff’s awareness of workplace harassment and will explain the ins and outs of creating a respectful, harmonious workplace for members of your team.

Scenarios based on live portrayals of different types of harassment (based on sex, age, race, disability, religion, and sexual orientation) are accompanied by an intuitive and insightful on-camera host. 

Key Training Points

  • Defines Harassment
  • Outlines Different Forms of Harassment
  • Explains The Disastrous Nature Of Harassment
  • Demonstrates Practical Guidelines for Preventing Harassment
  • Teaches Appropriate Response When a Manager Receives An Allegation Of Harassment
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