Going to a Meeting: Meeting Menaces

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Meeting Menaces is one part of the two part Going to a Meeting series. This program is hosted by the highly amusing John Cleese and presents a closer look at how to conduct successful meetings.

Meeting Menaces is the second video in the series. Viewers observe five short scenes that show negative meeting behavior and how to cope with problem colleagues who prevent the meeting from being productive.  In this program, we observe as Jeremy causes roadblocks that slow or even stop meeting progress. As the behavior continues, the meeting becomes less productive and more of a farce.

The “meeting menace” can take on many different personalities. There’s the waffler who goes on and on while wasting time and contributing nothing of benefit.  The turf warrior is only there to defend the reputation of their department and interests. The assassin thrives on shooting down other’s ideas without providing any of their own. The dominator steamrolls others opinions without a second thought. Then there’s the interrupter who speaks over others and acts as if what they have to say is more important than everyone else’s input.

Jeremy learns the proper ways to handle each “menace” to keep meetings on track and stress free. It becomes easy to reign in these meeting terrors when using the methods presented in this Going to a Meeting presentation.

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