Go for No! The Ultimate Strategy for Failing Your Way to Success with Richard Fenton

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Hearing the word NO is a fact of life for salespeople.  For most, it brings out the fear of failure and the painful dread of rejection, yet it doesn’t have to be this way.  Join Richard Fenton as he shows you how the most successful salespeople use the word NO as a springboard to boost sales performance.  Through stories and real world examples, Richard will show you point by point why salespeople who want true success will embrace the word NO and use it to their advantage.

Richard Fenton is like many of us.  He spent the better part of his sales career worried about the word NO.  Fortunately, he had a helping hand from a sales professional who changed his career.   Now, Richard is available for you in this information-packed sales training seminar on DVD.

  • How fears of failure and rejection hold you back.
  • Destroy your fears and develop your courage.
  • Eliminate the word slump from your sales vocabulary.
  • How to rid yourself of self-imposed restrictions.
  • How to turn obstacles into assets.
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