Giving Leadership Away

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For many new leaders, delegating can be a problem. They almost feel the need to control every aspect of a project or work assignment which often leaves the team feeling left out.

“Giving Leadership Away” is both entertaining and educational. Through dramatization, the experiences of a new manager are told. This young manager has trouble sharing leadership which ultimately hinders the progress of the team. As the scenario progresses, he tries to give the team some responsibilities but they seem to have lost their work zeal and passion.  See how this manager discovers the error of his ways and corrects them to become an effective leader.

Often managerial training lacks in teaching one how to actually lead a team. Don’t overlook this important topic. Incorporate it in your team leader or supervisory training sessions. Along with a help for new managers, this course can be a refresher for those with years of experience. This package further includes a facilitator’s guide, handouts and graphics to use in a Power Point presentation. 

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