Generational Diversity: Training Point Issues in Management

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Generational Diversity: Training Point Issues in Management

Different ages working together is not new, but the phenomenon of three generations - Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y all working together is both complex and fascinating. This program highlights the key features of different workforce age groups and the resulting issues for managers and those involved in recruiting, developing, and retaining staff.

The leader's guide, workbook, and DVD combine to create a complete package of generational basics which can be used to build a higher level of awareness and develop strategies to improve workplace relationships, tap into expertise, and retain talent.

This program will be beneficial across many levels of an organization, from business owners to trainers to team members working in cross-generational groups.

Key Training Points:

  • Understanding the different generations
  • Benefits for the employer
  • Benefits for the employee
  • Effective management strategies in an age diverse workplace
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