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Guess what? There's a whole new generation of business leaders in the incubator. The Gen-X'ers, and Gen-Y'ers right behind them, demand a new kind of leadership training.

Armed with hundreds of hours of research over thee years, Executive Producer Bob Allen, who himself spent twenty five years as a leader in the Disney organization, set out to create a fast-paced, reality television-like, leadership training program for young people that really works!

Follow The Leader is a new "rubber meets the road" course featuring three very different business leaders - different ages, different places in their careers, and very different industries. But there's a common thread - they're all successful, and they all possess similar traits and behaviors as business leaders. We follow them around and learn from them on the job. We hear from their people. No gurus. No acronyms. It's about positive role models.

  • Chairman of Hy-Vee, Inc. one of the 15 largest supermarket chains in the U.S. (and Chairman of the Food Marketing Institute - the largest trade group of its kind in the country) - Ron Pearson
  • President and Owner of "Homes by Carmen Dominguez," also serves as Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Metro Orlando where she was recently voted "Home Builder of the Year." - Carmen Dominguez
  • V.P. Operations, Hard Rock Café International, which has become a truly global phenomenon with more than 120 restaurants in over 40 countries. - - Ken Hoffman

The Follow the Leader DVD is divided into three 20-minute segments which can be viewed in one three-hour workshop or broken into three one-hour workshops titled:


Upon completing the entire training program, your participants should be able to:

  • Define the leadership traits in terms of observable behaviors
  • Define these traits and behaviors in terms of your own company's professional/leadership development goals
  • Discuss how their own style may influence how the featured behaviors "look" on them
  • Design a plan to practice these traits in their everyday role as leaders in your company
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