Fire Safety

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fires and explosions accounted for 3% of workplace fatalities in 2007. Fire safety is an OSHA standard addressing specific standards for record keeping and fire related topics in general industry. Our Fire safety training videos are the first class approach for training employees with fire safety topics.

Be prepared before a fire happens! Employers must have a fire prevention plan when an OSHA standard requires one. A list of all major fire hazards, proper handling and storage procedures for hazardous materials, potential ignition sources and their control, and the type of fire protection equipment necessary to control each major hazard are OSHA requirements. Our industrial fire safety training outlines the complex fire safety requirements and makes learning them easy and efficient. Your business will save time and money, and you will be in compliance with fire safety training requirements.

Keep your Company and your employees safe if there is a fire. Ensure your business is compliant. Our programs cover all the significant topics of 29 CFR Subpart L including: nature of fire, preventive and protective measures, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, alarms, extinguishers, evacuation, and the stop-drop and roll technique. The fire training videos provide easy-to-understand examples, simplifying even the complicated regulations.

Our professionally created videos will educate your employees so they understand industrial fire safety and the hazards associated with a fires in the workplace. Video training is the most efficient method of training your workforce. All our courses detail the most important fire information and they are kept up-to-date with the most current OSHA industrial fire safety regulations. Order your programs today and train your employees with the best videos on the market.
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