FEARLESS Facilitation! How to Lead Effective Meetings

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For some employees, the idea of being a meeting facilitator brings a look of terror, a racing heartbeat and excuses galore. Employees who are hesitant to lead meetings typically feel fear of the unknown. Leading a meeting takes whether its formal or informal requires skills, and many employees do not even know how to begin building these within themselves.

FEARLESS Facilitation! How to Lead Effective Meetings will help to calm the fears of nervous would-be facilitators and teach them all about the role. The training covers what a facilitator's job is before, during and after a meeting and how one can perform at his or her best in the role. This is perfect for any employee who will be leading meetings for the first time or who needs support in the role.

What They'll Learn

  • The ins and outs of leading meetings that are productive.
  • Techniques for getting those who will attend a meeting to do the proper preparation for a smooth and efficient event.
  • Ways of identifying the talents of attendees and using them to advantage during meetings.
  • The importance of using every attendee's time wisely.
  • The key parts of every meeting: purpose, process and participation.
  • Secrets to performing well during meetings and putting one's best face forward.
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