Fair's Fair: Equal Opportunities for All

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Discrimination is a serious problem in the workplace. Everyone is unique, yet everyone should still be treated equally. Making presumptions about someone because of race, disability, gender, age or other factors is unfair and wrong on many levels. Stereotypes should not determine whether someone gets hired or how someone is treated when working. 

In Fair’s Fair: Equal Opportunities for All, Femi Otitoju guides the viewer through five scenarios that provide examples of common discrimination issues. These case studies come with and without commentary and optional written materials to help supplement the information.

In “What Can We Do for Him?” the viewer sees how assumptions about people with physical disabilities can be very wrong. “Ron’s Girls” shows examples of inappropriate language directed at someone’s sexuality or gender and reveals how cruel this behavior can be.

“Can’t They Take a Joke?” explains how jokes related to age can offend individuals. “Jobs for the Boys” combines all the issues as a pair of women second guess their company’s approach to recruitment using stereotypes. 

This training video will:

  • Identify wide spread problems with discrimination in the workplace
  • Show practical ways to avoid discrimination 
  • Help reduce the risk of discrimination within an organization

This training program includes 45 minutes of video, 3 minute summaries and a 30 minute reprise plus course guide PDF and quick guide PDF.

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