Employee Wellness: A Way Of Life - A Program for Government Employees

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Amid all the controversy over who is responsible for Healthcare Insurance, the bottom line is that each of us is ultimately responsible for our own wellness. Being well not only increases your performance in the workplace, but also profoundly affects those around you in terms of attitude, exposure, and outlook and affects the overall mission to the communities and constituents you serve. This program explores the concept of employee wellness, and teaches practical steps to achieving and maintaining wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Learning objectives:


  • Defining Wellness
  • The Link Between Wellness and Job Performance
  • Importance of Balanced Wellness in Every Aspect of Your Life


  • How Your Body Reacts to Stress
  • Practical Ways of Reducing Stress
  • How Shift Work Affects Your Wellness
  • How to Care for Yourself and Reduce Stress when Working Shifts


  • Role of Proper Diet in Finding Balance
  • Effect of Nutrition on Overall Wellbeing
  • The Structure of a Healthy Diet
  • Making Appropriate Diet Choices at Home & Work
  • Practical Decision Making for Daily Diet Improvement


  • How Exercise Prevents Injuries & Illness
  • How to Make Time to Exercise Every Day


  • How Sleep is Crucial to Wellbeing
  • How Sleep Deprivation Leads to Illness
  • Making Good Rest a Priority
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