Doing Our Part

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4 minutes
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This video is proof positive that training does not require hours upon hours of video viewing. In only four minutes, this comprehensive guide works to foster understanding, respect, and mutually beneficial communication in the workplace by focusing on individual responses to situations. Laying out both verbal and non-verbal cues, this material aptly showcases how even a gesture or terse tone dramatically impacts the atmosphere in a workplace, empowering employees to communicate effectively and professionally.                                                                                            

Key Points

  • Sharing with kindness and professionalism
  • Unity amongst team members
  • Empathy for coworkers
  • Compassion for coworkers and supervisors
  • As Simple As Respect: Diversity, Respect & Inclusion In the Workplace
  • The Great Minds Series
  • Extraordinary - Revised Edition
  • Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener
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