Disciplining an employee at work is never an enjoyable experience, but when it is necessary, it needs to be done correctly. The management mantra for this process should be document everything! It is crucial that there be a formal write-up for any type of infraction or discipline issue so that it can remain both in permanent employee and other personnel files. This will be used to document the employee's success or failure with the resolution or performance plan that and to make sure that there is an accurate record on file to support any reviews, employment status changes or legal action that may evolve.

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TrainingABC offers videos in DVD, streaming and e-learning formats that display all the correct and legal ways to document discipline. Videos include when to discipline, how to fairly and consistently document, what to include and much more. Following these important steps can promote employee success in resolving the problem while keeping tidy record of what has occurred and preventing legal nightmares that could stem from any type of disciplinary proceedings.


It can be very costly to an organization if discipline documentation is not done timely and accurately. Employee turnover that often could have been avoided with proper interventions and costly legal battles that resulting from employees who believe they have been wronged could cost a company dearly both in dollars and reputation.

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