Diversity Made Simple for Managers Course

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A Diversity & Inclusion Training Course for Managers


Organizations that embrace diversity and inclusion are in a far better position for success in today's complex economy and there is no one more important to a successful diversity and inclusion program than an organization's managers and supervisors.  These organizational leaders are involved in recruiting, hiring, promoting, work assignments, team selections and many other important duties where an emphasis on diversity and inclusion could have a profound influence.


Diversity Made Simple for managers covers four important topics.


  • What is diversity?
  • Why is diversity important?
  • How can managers embrace diversity?
  • The manager's role in a successful diversity and inclusion program


Managers are the lifeblood of diversity and inclusion programs.  Without buy-in from managers, these programs are destined to die.  The passion of your managers will rub off on your employees and in order to ignite that passion, managers need to understand the dramatic effect that a strong diversity and inclusion program can have on the success of an organization.  This diversity course will provide the simple, easy-to-understand and compelling reasons to make diversity and inclusion an integral part of the fabric of their workplace.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple
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