Dimensions of Coaching

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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24 minutes
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Coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for helping employees reach business and professional development goals. So why aren't companies realizing the tremendous benefits that come from it?

Most companies rely solely on a manager-driven approach, failing to recognize that willing employees can mentor their peers. And many managers lack the skills to develop their staff. As a result, a company's greatest resource - its employees - remains underutilized and undeveloped.

Dimensions of Coaching, a 1-hour or 2 1/2-hour workshop, teaches employees with expertise and availability how to help their coworkers to become productive and effective. Key concepts covered in the workshops include: adapting your coaching style to the learner's personality and needs; the difference between directive and nondirective, programmatic and circumstantial, specific and holistic coaching styles; and the four-step coaching process - a proven, simple approach.

Because the methods and tactics taught in Dimensions of Coaching are based on considerable empirical research, it benefits all employees - from the most experienced manager, to the new hire. And by empowering all members of your team to help each other, your entire workforce will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the marketplace and perform at their peak.

After completing the workshop, participants will learn:

  • How to coach - the use of directive or nondirective approaches
  • When to coach - creating an ongoing development program or coaching as circumstances warrant
  • What approach to use - holistic or specific
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