Deming Video Library

William Edwards Deming is credited with vastly improving businesses by tweaking service, improving design, upping product quality, streamlining testing, and increasing sales through various means. Unlike other business-experts-turned-speakers, Deming based his philosophies on statistics and facts, and his methods are credited with helping to mold Japan’s current reputation for offering the most innovative products on the market. In short, his methods are phenomenal, and we offer a wide selection of Deming training videos that allow you, your employees, and your management personnel to take full advantage of his revolutionary tactics.

Deming’s videos focus on fourteen different principles specifically geared towards management. Considered the precursor to the Total Quality Management methods, Deming focuses on consistent purposes, changing with the times, and limiting the need for product-wide inspections by ensuring items are built with quality in mind in the first place. Managers are drawn to his clear-cut tips for dealing with employees, from developing and implementing on the job training to his unique yet efficient outlook on leadership. Deming’s distinctive ability to combine statistics with psychology creates and unparalleled means of viewing the workplace environment while bypassing common business practice pitfalls, such as relying too heavily on catch phrases without providing employees with the realistic support they need to excel.

With dozens of offerings, our Edward Deming videos provide easy-to-implement tips and tricks to improve your overall business, and each video focuses on just a few of his key ideas, allowing you to pick and choose the areas you want to focus on. There is a reason that Deming is considered a hero in Japan and a legend in the world of business, and these videos showcase just that.
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