Customer Service Zone

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It's easier to appreciate the value of good customer service when you are on the receiving end. Customer Service Zone proves this point by presenting the plight of one Curt Hinderman. Curt really had no idea what good customer service was made of until he required it. While driving down the round on his way to a mandatory training session, he finds himself broken down in the dark.

Lucky for Curt, he isn't alone in his situation. The mysterious woman Angela helps him along as he learns what makes good customer service and the impact on those who receive it. The viewers follow Curt through his entertaining story which is both engaging and informative. Learn the finer points of customer service in a way that's effective. Gather a meeting, put in this DVD and let your staff absorb the key lessons learned by Curt while they enjoy an interesting story that teaches valuable lessons. Our Customer Service Zone training video will:

  • Provide methods that have been researched by experts and used by professionals for over a decade
  • Offer an interesting format that shows customer service in action
  • Explain the importance of a good greeting and strong listening skills
  • Encourage employees to accomplish tasks and "own the issue"
  • Have a powerful impact whether training new hires or used as a refresher course
  • Supply methods that work in any industry
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