Cross-Cultural Understanding

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With increased international trade, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Consequently, global business leaders must be able to communicate with everyone from customers to fellow leaders that may reside across the seas. Provide your team with the skills they need to effectively communicate across cultural lines.

Incorporate our DVD, Cross Cultural Understanding in your managerial, customer service or sales training curriculum. With this training, your team will know how to:

  • Recognize what is important to others based upon cultural differences.
  • Build a cohesive team despite a difference in views and opinions.
  • Progress despite conflicts over deadlines and time constraints.
  • Listen and understand individuals from other cultures.
  • Speak in a way in which they can be understood by others.
  • Encourage mutual respect amongst team members.
  • Encourage the willingness to adapt and adjust to accommodate cultural diversity.

This DVD presents the material in a dramatization that makes it both entertaining and educational. To aid the facilitator in leading a discussion on Cross Cultural Understanding, supplemental resources are provided including discussion questions and exercises. Optional role playing activities are further included to aid in the learning process. This video will also make a great addition to a team building conference, workshop or seminar. 

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