Cross Cultural Communication

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Without the ability to communicate effectively, your business will fail. Make this learning video a part of your training curriculum for both mid to upper-level managers. It emphasizes the skills needed to communicate across cultural lines. Train your leaders to become better listeners while also keying in on non-verbal communication and body language amidst different cultures.

Use this video to build a strong and diverse leadership team. After viewing this video your managers will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate with people from various cultures.
  • Understand and recognize the use of body language in varying cultures.
  • Respect the differences in cultures as it relates to sharing information.
  • Recognize cultural biases and stereotypes that may adversely affect communication.
  • Understand the managerial role in building better communication across cultural lines.
  • Recognize the importance of having mutual respect for different cultures.
  • Improve and develop team relationships despite cultural differences.

Are you or do you aspire to have a global presence? If so, this video will be of great benefit to your organization. It includes entertaining dramatizations that will help your managers understand and retain this valuable information. The scene involves a manager who struggles with relating to her employees because of cultural differences. Compounding the problem, her employees withhold what she perceives as pertinent information. Watch as this manager resolves her staff issues by improving and building strong team communication skills.

This DVD comes with support educational materials including written exercises and discussion questions. Role playing activities are also provided to aid your managers in understand and retaining the knowledge gained from this video. Supplement your managerial, customer service or sales training curriculum with this learning resource. It is also ideal from team building conferences or seminars. 

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