Cost, Profit and Break-even

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23 minutes
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Cost, Profit and Break-Even is designed to help managers better control the vital relationships between price, cost and volume. In this program, three factors are examined. While identifying price, cost and volume, the viewer also learns how each effects the other. 

This topic is generally mind numbingly bland and confusing, especially when scrutinizing total absorption costing, depreciation, contribution, break-even points and other related factors. Cost, Profit and Break-Even takes these and other concepts and explains them in an easy to understand way that’s also highly entertaining!

Cost, Profit and Break-Even will:

  • Explain how costs are calculated
  • Explain how cost effects business
  • Show why it’s important to control revenue and expenditure
  • Present financial topics in plain English for those with no prior knowledge

Please note: Due to contract restrictions, Cost, Profit and Break-Even can only be shipped to customers in the USA.

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