Coping With Difficult People Part 1: KNOW-IT-ALL-EXPERT, STALLERS, & SNIPERS

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Having less than collegial relationships is common in an office environment. The people at your workplace can create excessive stress situations and have no qualms in upsetting their subordinates, peers or superiors, making the workplace an unwelcome place to be. Coping with Difficult People examines three of the six different personality types. Part 1 covers: KNOW-IT-ALL-EXPERT, STALLERS AND SNIPERS.

You may be shocked with the unprofessional behavior of some people and trying to understand exactly what is happening. You may not want to work with someone who is unprofessional but work ethic demands that you tolerate them if they are good at their job. 

This video offers expert guidance to help you improve your skills to identify the toxic co-worker, evaluate the situation, understand the reasons and confidently stand up for yourself.  Dealing with them efficiently helps you perform your job-related duties peacefully.

Training Points:

  • Get the Know-it-all to Slow Down and Listen
  • Discover the Real Issue with the Staller
  • Teach the Sniper that Snide Remarks Just Don’t Cut It 
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