Conflict Resolution: A Win/Win Approach

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Conflict is a natural, vital part of life and gives us an opportunity to learn. The need for resolution arises only when there is lack of ‘creative cooperation’ between the individuals involved. Conflict Resolution: A Win/Win Approach resolves the issue of resolution in a way, which makes it easy for employees to learn, imbibe and implement the strategies within your organization.

This video-based course places emphasis on the win/win approach for resolving a conflict. Employees will learn how to use a problem-solving process to arrive at a consensus without destroying valuable working relationships.

Training Points:

  • Tracking Down the Origins of the Conflict
  • Using the Collaboration Method
  • Using the A-E-I-O-U Communication Model
  • Initiating the Mediation Process
  • Improving Communication Skills

Video Synopsis:  The workplace conflicted is depicted through a boxing ring to elucidate that no conflict can be resolved using brute force.  Demonstration of typical sources of conflict is done using workplace scenarios. Five of the most common reactions to conflict are addressed: Competition, Avoidance, Compromise, Accommodation and Collaboration, with collaboration being the only method that possibly results in a win/win outcome. The A-E-I-O-U method is demonstrated to help achieve a collaborative resolution.

Conflict arises from a discord of wishes, needs, demands or drives. It helps to understand that conflicts have the potential to turn into competitive and destructive experience if not handled appropriately and quickly. Since conflict is an inevitable part of life, using Conflict Resolution: A Win/Win Approach to help your employees learn how to respond to it constructively can make a world of difference for your organization.

The video comes with support material that is meant to guide both managers and employees in conflict resolution. It can be used in combination with other communication films or as a stand-alone training program.

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