Compliance is Just the Beginning: Program 1 - 3 Steps to Ethical Decisions

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24 minutes
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Train your staff to make sound, ethical decisions in the workplace. Many measure ethics based upon their compliance with the law. When business executives or managers do this, they put the company and themselves at risk. Avoid ethical dilemmas by teaching your staff to use legal compliance as only a beginning in the decision making process.

This video features an Enron executive along with other ethic experts involved in an informative discussion on ethics and the law. Common ethical issues are discussed as well as corporate and social responsibility. Finally, three steps to making true ethical decisions are shared. These steps include:

  • The Compliance Test
  • The Ripple Effect
  • The Gutt Check

Easy to follow and understand, this training lasts 24 minutes and is ideal for team leaders, supervisors and other management staff. 

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