Care and Control: A Better Approach to Terminations

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21 minutes
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Terminations.  There probably isn't a part of of a manager's duties that is more dreaded.  Using specific steps outlined by management expert Richard Deems, this video based training course will teach your managers to complete the process with care and control.  Doing employment terminations the right way...with care and control.  Done correctly terminations can result in only minimal workplace disruption.  However done incorrectly, the organization's bottom-line profitability and reputation can suffer.

This video based program will educate your managers on how to use care and control when terminating employees.  Created from the work of Dr. Richard Deems, a termination expert, this program clearly defines the appropriate steps for terminations.

Training Points:

  • Preparing for the termination
  • Conducting the termination interview
  • Proper documentation
  • The adjustment process for co-workers
  • The adjustment process for customers
  • Stay in control of each termination.
  • Terminating with care.
  • Legal guide to progressive discipline
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