Call To Order: Converting Telephone Inquiries Into Sales

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20 minutes
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Call to Order explains how staff can turn a telephone conversation into a profitable sale. The program presents a few easy steps that can be applied to any business, no matter what industry it is operating in. 

The program shows how poor telephone etiquette and a lack of selling techniques can give callers a bad impression of the business and lead to missed opportunities. Common issues are covered, including an over familiar approach, sloppy behavior and unprofessional attitudes while on the phone.

Viewers observe as Jack-the-lad telesales executive complains about his experience with a car salesman that he has been trying to reach on the phone. While doing so, he does not realize his own errors. The program features a Twilight Zone inspired dream sequence which shows the unsuspecting exec the error of his ways. 

In Call to Order: Converting Telephone Inquiries into Sales, viewers will:

  • Learn how to deal with enquiries
  • Learn how to take advantage of opportunities to sell
  • Discover simple techniques that work
  • See each telephone method in action

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