Building the Virtual Team

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Enhance your team building or managerial conference with this video on Building the Virtual Team. The use of technology has resulted in more outsourcing and telecommuting employment opportunities. Thus, it is important that your managers and leaders learn how to effectively work with a virtual team. In some instances these individuals may be from varying countries, cultures and parts of the globe.

This entertaining but educational video tells the story of a virtual team leader. Responsible for developing and leading a team of talented individuals from Asia, India, Africa and Latin America, the manager experiences unforeseen challenges that threaten to render her team inefficient. This includes communication problems as well as cultural misunderstandings.

After viewing this video, your leaders will:

  • Appreciate diversity and multi-cultural relationships. And understand how adaptation is important amidst the entire team.
  • Recognize how communication can work for or against a business relationship.
  • Be able to balance the utilization of technology while understanding the need for periodic personal or one-on-one meetings.
  • Learn to handle language barriers and differences.
  • Understand how to manage work as it relates to different time zones.
  • Know how to work through differences and challenges. And will be sensitive to these matters.

Dramatized, this video will make the concepts of virtual team building easier to understand and retain. Use this educational DVD to supplement training materials for a team building conference or seminar. This training is especially crucial for corporations that have a global presence. Along with the video, you will receive support materials including suggested discussion questions, activities and role playing exercises. 

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