Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: Linking Perceptions & Performance Facilitator Guide Package

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Indra Lahiri, Ph.D. of Workforce Development Group

Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: Linking Perceptions and Performance Facilitator Guide and Participant Guides offer a comprehensive introduction to the workings of biases, stereotypes and assumptions.

The Facilitator Guide walks you through Jane Elliott's groundbreaking and controversial videos----Eye of the Storm, A Class Divided, The Angry Eye, Blue-Eyed and The Essential Blue-Eyed. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how our perceptions about others influence how we treat them, which in turn influences their ability to perform. The Facilitator Guide prepares you to handle the emotionally charged group dynamics that necessarily surface with the topic of biases, stereotypes, and assumptions. While the videos are powerful and informative, they are only the starting point. It is the discussion among participants before and after the video that solidifies learning and transfers new knowledge and insights back to the workplace. With twelve workshop options, a wealth of information on workplace diversity, tips on managing group dynamics, a full-color slide show and participant guides, this product is both flexible and comprehensive. The workshop activities and discussion are designed for adults, yet could easily be modified for teenagers.

The Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: Linking Perceptions and Performance Facilitator Guide contains 12 workshop options ranging from 1-hour to a full-day session (Full Workshop, Modified Workshop, Abbreviated Workshop and Customized for each of the four companion videos).

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