Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities

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It is an alarming fact that the number of people suffering due to diseases that are transmitted through blood is increasing in spite of a massive worldwide effort to educate people on the topic. This increase in numbers has led OSHA to step in and make changes in the regulation so as to safeguard the people working in healthcare industry.


Hence, this DVD is made considering the OSHA regulations to train the healthcare workers. It explains the legal rules of conduct in a simpler manner so that they can be understood easily.


Points of importance:

  • How does the infection manifests.
  • What are the modes of transmission and how the risk can be diminished?
  • How to limit the manifestations once we spot the risk.
  • How do we know it’s a delicate/risky situation?
  • What methods can be used for prevention?
  • What are the benefits of HBV injection?
  • How to tackle an emergency situation.
  • By what means warning labels are read and placed appropriately.
  • Knowledge of different modes of protection and when they should be used.
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