Bloodborne Pathogens (Heavy Industry Version)

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Each day people in the United States are diagnosed with blood borne diseases that could have been prevented with the right training and knowledge. Hepatitis B and HIV are the most dangerous as they cause the worse health effects and could shorten a worker’s life span.  Although people nowadays are more aware of BBP the problem still exists and is growing which is why OSHA created regulations to protect those at risk.

This DVD complies with OSHA guidelines and was created to help employers and employees meet the standards set out to protect people who are at risk during work.

Main Training Points:

  • The symptoms of being infected.
  • How diseases that are blood borne can be transmitted.
  • How to control the exposure.
  • Recognizing situations where you need  to take extra care.
  • Preventing exposure.
  • The importance of getting the HBV vaccine.
  • What to do in an emergency.
  • Labels to highlight danger.
  • Choosing  and using the equipment provided.
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