An Inside Job

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23 minutes
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This Video Arts Production does NOT feature John Cleese.

This entertaining production presents the importance of strength throughout all levels of an organization. Viewers are treated to a comedic approach through Inspector Dapper who identifies issues in internal and external customer service and shares ways to fix them.

The unsuspecting Mr. Jitters is suddenly raided by Dapper and his Customer Service Squad. Their observations have uncovered an unsavory truth about Jitter’s operation: it is rife with customer service breeches! The inspector reveals how employees at all levels of the company are accountable and can impact the service received by customers.

After revealing the cracks in Mr. Jitter’s hotel customer service, Inspector Dapper shares three key steps to excellent internal customer service. By viewing things from the internal perspective, the program shows how it’s important to meet the needs of those within the business in order to better serve the end customer.

An Inside Job shares valuable insight into how business should treat employees. The program explains:

  • How to identify an internal customer
  • How to consult with internal customers
  • How to serve internal customers

This presentation doesn’t feature John Cleese but it does showcase the hilarious talent of the one and only Hugh Laurie (of TV’s House fame). Customers should note that this product is only available to USA addresses due to contractual restrictions.

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