A Tale of "O" DVD

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A Tale of O - Now on DVD!

A Tale of O, the most popular video about diversity worldwide, is unique both in style and content. It shows the striking consequences of being "different" from the others around you - being an O among X's. The videotape illustrates dramatically how this alone powerfully affects both the X's treatment of an O and the O's view of itself, regardless of the nature of the difference. Whether the O differs from the X's by gender, race, age, language, age or other factors, the effects are similar.

This differential treatment of O's, especially when the difference is highly visible or socially important, is often taken as a sign of bias or deliberate discrimination. A Tale of "O" shows to the contrary that much of this different treatment is largely a consequence of the situation. It is not necessary to blame anyone, unlike many other approaches, which may punish and blame people quite unfairly. A Tale of "O" helps everyone identify with O's since everyone has been an O at one time or another. Moreover, the video suggests whole new avenues to systemic solutions. A Tale of "O" is narrated by its originator, Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School.

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