A Journey Into The Heroic Environment

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8 Principles That Lead to Greater Productivity, Quality, Job Satisfaction, and Profits

Based on the internationally acclaimed book by Rob Lebow Published by Prima Publishing.

In the symbolic context of a dramatic story taking place on a cross country train journey, this video introduces the concept of the Heroic Environment, accomplished through eight principles that can lead to greater productivity, quality, job satisfaction, and profits in an organization.

John Spencer is a frustrated assistant plant manager returning home from a job interview by train, where he meets "Kip" Kiplinger, a successful self-made businessman with the wisdom of years and colorful stories to go with it. As the journey begins, Kip explains to John how job satisfaction is dependent upon work environment. Kip proceeds to introduce the concept of the Heroic Environment, where people are treated with respect, trust and dignity, contribute more, and rise to their potential. 

To accomplish this he lists and explains eight principles, which cover values such as uncompromised truth and trust, as well as concepts like unselfish mentoring, openness to new ideas, risk taking, and putting the interests of others first.

The principles are illustrated with lively stories and examples from Kip's wide experience in business and living. As a starting point for individual action, five characteristics of Heroic Behavior are finally given in simple, practical terms.

Offering a strong foundation for personal responsibility-taking as well as Shared Values, the video is accompanied by a comprehensive activity-based 100 plus page leader's guide written by Rob Lebow which supports the video in a practical way.

According to author Rob Lebow, "Introducing the eight principles of the Heroic Environment may be one of the most important events in your organization's history. Once on the journey, you will enjoy all the benefits of your people working with each other in ways previously unreachable!"

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