Ergonomics for Office Environments

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Ailments like fibromyalgia and other painful musculoskeletal diseases can lead to problems with work absences. Worse yet, some individuals with these disorders will become permanently disabled. However, with proper education and changes in behavior, these incidents can be minimized thus resulting in a healthier work force. Provide your office staff with the tools they will need to prevent the development of musculoskeletal disease.

This education includes information on issues such as selecting ergonomic chairs, keyboards and workstations, along with lifting to minimize strain and pressure on the back.

Other topics covered in the training include:

  • Types of musculoskeletal disease.
  • Recognizing the signs of musculoskeletal disease.
  • Stretching to relieve pain and pressure.
  • How to prevent musculoskeletal disease.
  • Work habits that increase risk.
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