6 Principles to Negotiate Anything with Ed Brodow

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In order to be successful at negotiation, you can’t fear or dread it.  Starting at this negative point will only lead to disaster.  Join Ed Brodow, an author on negotiation and a negotiator by trade, as he outlines a better strategy in this video training program.  A consummate entertainer, Ed uses funny stories and an engaging style to make his point and hammer home the learning.

In the program, we will learn how to lower our fear by emphasizing that the person across the table is probably feeling just as much pressure and terror as we are.  We can use this pressure to our benefit by leveraging it to get what we need out of the negotiation.  

There are three targets that should be set in a negotiation - the maximum you can except, your goal outcome, and your bottom line.  When you have set these targets you won’t worry about walking away and a large part of the pressure is lifted from your shoulders.

Ed's 6 Principles are easy to recall under pressure and best of all will provide you with an easy technique to apply:

  • Set a high goal.
  • Study and prepare.
  • Listen
  • Patience pays off.
  • If you give, always get something in return.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away.
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